Small / Midsize Business

United Business Products

Calling all entrepreneurs, small and midsize businesses,
and businesses with big futures

We understand that sometimes there are pain points of being a smaller player in this big world: minimum spend, minimum size requirements, and maximum amounts of fine print. Sound familiar?

At United, we offer a portfolio of right-sized programs that ensures everyone, no matter the size of your business right now, has the ability to book easily, administer flight discounts, and enjoy traveler perks.

Explore our business solutions, made especially for your business

United PassPlus℠

Upfront airfare discounts and traveler benefits with this easy to book prepaid travel program.

United PerksPlus℠

Earn value and benefits as your company employees travel with this complimentary business program.

PassPlus Exec℠

Uber-flexibility and attractive discounts for companies with this stand-alone or prepaid travel option.

United Propel℠

United's new corporate discount program, targeted to companies that are segmented as "middle-market" and seeking a deeper relationship with the airline

United UATP® Card and Expense Reporting

Simplify your air-travel payments and reduce your company's air-travel reconciliation with this no-cost payment solution offering unbeatable savings