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Bringing people together can be a lot of effort.

Whether you are planning a meeting, a conference or a training class, United Meetings handles the work of getting your attendees to your event with discounts off retail published fares or zone fares.

Plus, your organization can earn rewards redeemable for a menu of traveler amenities.

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What is considered a United Meeting?

Meetings are 10 or more customers originating from various points traveling to a single destination for a specific event.

Corporate Meetings

Association Meetings

Incentive Trips




Discounted ticket prices

Flat Discounts

Flat discounts off published airfares for all points of sale / all points of origin*

U.S. and Canada

Receive 2%, 5%, or 10% discounts for travel within United States and Canada

International Destinations

Receive 5% or 10% discounts for travel between all other international destinations

* Excluding Japan

Earn rewards


Earn $400 amenity funds for every 40 passengers flown


Accrue funds over multiple meetings


Rewards can be used on travel certificates, United Club membership and passes, beverage coupons, and more!

Travel to / from Europe

We now offer even more carrier choices. With our harmonized trans-Atlantic discounts with our joint venture partners, you can travel on more than just United.

  • Air Canada (AC)
  • Austrian Airlines (OS)
  • Brussels Airlines (SN)
  • Lufthansa German Airlines (LH)
  • Swiss International Air Lines (LX)
  • Tyrolean Airways (VO)


"The United Meetings product provides an easy straightforward path for booking discounted fares to ABA meetings. It assists us in managing travel and offers real cost savings on hundreds of meetings we source annually. The best part is the traveler has a simple stress-free booking experience in addition to great customer service when required."

Tami Behland, Director, Travel Services

American Bar Association

Registration is quick and easy

Step 1

Visit united.com/meetings to submit your request

Step 2

Within 24 hrs receive agreement / unique ā€œZā€ booking code

Step 3

Book multiple events on the one agreement

Step 4

Earn and redeem awards after each meeting has flown (minimum 40 travelers)

Step 5

Add events throughout the calendar year using the same Z-code

Step 6

Enjoy flexible pre/post travel window

Redeem your rewards

Reward Funds
United Club one-time pass $59
25 United currency coupons $125
Travel certificate (Americas, Mexico, Caribbean) $400
One year United Club membership $600
Coach travel certificate (Central America and Hawaii) $750
Coach travel certificate (Europe) $850
First Class travel certificate* (Americas, Mexico, Caribbean) (Front 2 cabin aircraft, middle 3 cabin aircraft) $1800
First/Business class travel certificate* (Central America and Hawaii) (Front 2 cabin aircraft, middle 3 cabin aircraft) $2200
First/Business class travel certificate* (Europe) (Front 2 cabin aircraft, middle 3 cabin aircraft) $4000
MileagePlus Premier Gold status $4000
First/Business class travel certificate* (Africa, Asia, Australia, Middle East, India) (Front 2 cabin aircraft, middle 3 cabin aircraft) $5750

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