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Direct Channel Booking and Expense Integration

Direct booking is a managed travel solution that allows you to have control of:

  • The booking process
  • The airline ticket after purchase (including ticket exchanges and cancellations)
  • The correct discounted, negotiated or contracted rates whenever your travelers book directly with United

How it works

Integrating with various expense systems including Concur Triplink, ChromeRiver and Taxo, employees can directly book travel
with pre-negotiated corporate discounts and apply the travel straight to their own expense report.

Let’s explore just how simple it is:

  • Discounts

    Corporate discounts are negotiated and fares filed.

  • Booking travel

    Sit back and let your travelers book directly on or use the United mobile app on their phone.

    Your employees will receive the corporate discounts while you are receiving contract compliance credit…oh and bypassing any potential leakage.

  • Need flown and unused ticket data?

    Download directly on or use a traditional channel such as Prism, Duty of Care providers or a TMC mid-office.

  • Book

    Using or the United app, employee shops and selects travel, with corporate discounts automatically applied (when logged-into their MileagePlus account).

    Travelers have the option to purchase EconomyPlus or Bundles and pay for transaction with one of the multiple forms of payment such as corporate or ghost cards.

  • Confirmation

    Flight confirms, e-tickets, and automatically syncs with the employees Concur profile – ready for their expense report after travel.

  • Travel

    Travelers seamlessly use the United Mobile App for check-in, flight changes, day of departure management and more. They also earn MileagePlus miles for their travel.

  • Changes

    Travelers manage current, unused, and cancelled corporate tickets using or can call United Reservations for assistance.

Don't believe it's this easy?

Watch a demo of how this seamless process works:

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